Publications and Talks


Peer Reviewed

Su Wang, Greg Durrett, Katrin Erk. Modeling Semantic Plausibility by Injecting World Knowledge, NAACL 2018 (ORAL). (PDF cam-ready, SupplementaryDATA)

Su Wang, Elisa Ferracane, Raymond J. Mooney. Leveraging Discourse Information Effectively for Authorship Attribution, IJCNLP 2017 (ORAL). (PDF).

Su Wang, Stephen Roller, and Katrin E. Erk. Distributional model on a diet: One-shot word learning from text only,  IJCNLP 2017 (ORAL). (PDF).

Other Publications

Su Wang & Josh Levy (2017) Named Entity Recognition in Practice, KUST.

Su Wang & Liquan Yang (2017) Non-Cooperative Behavior in Conversational Interaction. KUST.

Su Wang (2013) Exploring the Representation of Topological Relations in Naxi Language, Cha-Ma Ancient Trail Research Anthology, (Shiyuan Wang eds.), Vol2, Yunnan University Press, Kunming, China.

Su Wang (2013) On a “DescriptiveWord” Classification of “Proto-Unergative—Proto-Unaccusative Verbs”, Journal of Yunnan Normal University, Vol3, Kunming, China.

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Su Wang. Topic Modeling: A Complete Introductory Guide. NLP Day 2017 (PDF, PPT).

Su Wang (2017) Extracting Named Entity for Question-Answering Systems, DataDay Texas Conference (KEYNOTE_PDF), Austin, Texas.