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Publications and Talks


Peer Reviewed

Su Wang, Rahul Gupta, Nancy Chang, Jason Baldridge. A Task in a Suit and a Tie: Paraphrase Generation with Semantic Augmentation, AAAI 2019. (PDF)

Su Wang, Eric Holgate, Greg Durrett, Katrin Erk. Picking Apart Story Salads, EMNLP 2018. (PDF).

Su Wang, Greg Durrett, Katrin Erk. Modeling Semantic Plausibility by Injecting World Knowledge, NAACL 2018 (ORAL). (PDF cam-ready, SupplementaryDATA)

Su Wang, Elisa Ferracane, Raymond J. Mooney. Leveraging Discourse Information Effectively for Authorship Attribution, IJCNLP 2017 (ORAL). (PDF).

Su Wang, Stephen Roller, and Katrin E. Erk. Distributional model on a diet: One-shot word learning from text only,  IJCNLP 2017 (ORAL). (PDF).

Other Publications

Su Wang & Josh Levy (2017) Named Entity Recognition in Practice, KUST.

Su Wang & Liquan Yang (2017) Non-Cooperative Behavior in Conversational Interaction. KUST.

Su Wang (2013) Exploring the Representation of Topological Relations in Naxi Language, Cha-Ma Ancient Trail Research Anthology, (Shiyuan Wang eds.), Vol2, Yunnan University Press, Kunming, China.

Su Wang (2013) On a “DescriptiveWord” Classification of “Proto-Unergative—Proto-Unaccusative Verbs”, Journal of Yunnan Normal University, Vol3, Kunming, China.

NB: For papers that do not have a link, please email me for a copy.



Su Wang. Topic Modeling: A Complete Introductory Guide. NLP Day 2017 (PDF, PPT).

Su Wang (2017) Extracting Named Entity for Question-Answering Systems, DataDay Texas Conference (KEYNOTE_PDF), Austin, Texas.